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Posted: Thursday, 10th August 2017

a day of events including AGM 
hosted by the Scottish Artist Union
with participation from POOL artist collective and others

11am-6pm (social 6pm-late)
30th September 2017
Scottish Trade Union Congress Centre, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow, G3 6NG

*Please join us for this event and the annual general meeting 2017!*

We invite and encourage all members and members of the arts community to attend a whole day of events based around the idea of resilience as a form of radical and collective action. This event is a crucial forum to adopt a collective stance on the issues facing workers in the visual and applied art sectors and to inform direct action.

The term resilience has occupied numerous different fields including gaining significant traction in arts policy and funding strategy in recent years. The term is often used in reference to organisations trying to rediscover stability in times of financial or other hardships. But what does this term and concept mean to and for artists?

Artists are required to continually be a lot of things at once – creative, reflective, innovative, flexible, experimental, hardworking, ambitious, professional, entrepreneurial – but what if the spark is dimmed? Worryingly there are tough times ahead with increasing cuts to arts funding and local authority budgets, uncertainty around research and international working, unsupportive institutions, dwindling opportunities, rising competition... How do artists fight through this negativity? How do you operate effectively in the presence of continued stress and a culture of competition? Making art can be difficult and learning to persist despite everything being against you is a continual challenge. Resilience seems key. What support to artists need to keep working, remain positive and true to core purpose and identity in a set of ever-changing circumstances? Is resilience something that can be taught? Can we support each other to be resilient? Does the concept of resilience bring anything new to our approach to problems – be they individual, professional, societal, political?

Come and work through some of these ideas with the union to give form to the concept of resilience and collectively interrogate what it means for artists. With participation through workshops and discussions facilitated by POOL, how can resilience be promoted and supported without feeling like we are accepting of the burgeoning crisis facing the arts and cultural sector today? 

This year's event will also see the release of the annual survey results, discussions around issues raised, the launch of the new learning programme, an update on the union modernisation strategy, the election of new members to the Executive Committee, and an opportunity for members to put forward motions. 

All members and associate members are welcome to attend the AGM but only full members can vote or submit a motion for change. This is an opportunity to have your voice heard and a direct impact on the democracy and running of the Scottish Artists Union. Come meet your union executive committee, other members, learn more about the union and take part in free workshops and discussions. 

If you would like any more information about the AGM please do not hesitate to contact us on
Free to all SAU members, ticketed.
The STUC is a fully accessible venue with disabled parking. 

Programme includes:
Presentation by Key Note Speaker
Presentation of results from 2017 Members' Survey
Election of new Executive Committee members
Launch of the new Learning Programme 
Update on union Modernisation Programme
Campaign Launch
AGM 2017

More details about the schedule for the day and how to book a place coming soon.