Scottish Artists Union

Office 231
The Briggait
141 Bridgegate
Glasgow G1 5HZ

t: 0141 559 4999




SAU membership is diverse in its artistic scope and broad in its geographical spread. Our members live and work in Scotland, but need not have been born here. Also, artists working on an extended arts project (more than 6 months) in Scotland can join for the year in which that work takes place.

The SAU is dedicated to the representation of artists across Scotland including those in rural and remote areas.

The SAU embraces visual and applied artists and has an equal opportunities policy. The only criteria for membership are based on professional artistic practice. Prospective members who meet any four of the criteria can join as Full Members, those who meet any two may join as Associate Members. Associate Members enjoy the full benefits of SAU membership, but do not have the right to vote (for example, on a change to the union's constitution).

In general the SAU uses the terms 'visual artist' and 'applied artist' to indicate: painters, sculptors, multimedia artists, printers, lens based artists, photographers, audio artists, performance artists, ceramicists, jewellers, weavers, textile artists, creative metal workers, glass artists, furniture designers, wood carvers & turners, illustrators, cartoonists, graphic artists and multimedia designers. Also included are artists working in public spaces and educational and social arenas. SAU is open to discussion about the inclusion of any further art forms. However, with regret, we cannot accept students in secondary or tertiary education, but other students can become members if they fulfil the membership criteria.

In recognition of their valued contribution, our colleagues in arts management, education or media may join as Associate Members.


The following are the required Membership Criteria for the Scottish Artists Union. The order in which they are listed IS NOT indicative of merit. Artists who meet ANY four can join as Full Members. Artists who meet ANY two can join as Associate Members.

  • You have received one or more public body or corporate commissions or four or more private commissions.
  • You have had two or more public exhibitions and/or public installations and/or public performances, not including a degree show.
  • You have received one or more prizes, awards or bursaries for professional practice.
  • You hold a degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant area.
  • You have been engaged by contractual agreement in an artist's placement scheme (e.g. a residency).
  • Your work has been purchased for one or more public collections or four or more private collections.
  • Your work has been made available for sale through one or more commercial galleries or agents within the last five years.
  • You have obtained membership of one or more professional associations or societies.
  • Your artwork has been reviewed or featured in an art journal, magazine or newspaper.
  • Arts Managers who wish to join need not heed these criteria, but will be required to provide details of recent experience on their Membership Form.