Scottish Artists Union

Office 231
The Briggait
141 Bridgegate
Glasgow G1 5HZ

t: 0141 559 4999


About the SAU

Our Aims

The SAU believes that artists should be valued as the 'wellspring' of the arts. Value starts with recognition of artists as creative and highly trained individuals whose skills underpin ALL arts programmes, organisations, infrastructures and activities.

The SAU believes the visual artist has a right to a decent living wage, comparable to other well-trained and educated professionals.

The SAU values the visual artist's role within all sectors of society, and is of the opinion that Scotland should celebrate and support the immense creativity and vitality of artists.

The SAU believes the visual artist makes an invaluable and unacknowledged contribution to the Scottish economy, but that the true value of Scottish Culture is intrinsic to society and cannot be statistically quantified.

The SAU believes that artists are the least acknowledged and rewarded group in the Visual Arts Sector, and campaigns for arts funding to directly support the visual artist and arts activity rather than generate bureaucratic overload.