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About the SAU

Our Achievements So Far

Key Achievements of the Scottish Artists Union include:

February 2014 SAU met with the CEO of Creative Scotland, along with two senior officers and furthered our campaign for fair Rates of Pay for Artists, the use of contracts, Exhibition Payment rights and the Artists Resale Right.

February 2014 SAU Contracts an Accountant to update financial systems.

February 2014 SAU Executive Member and our representative on the European Council of Artists, Chris Biddlecombe, successfully concluded negotiations on better working arrangements for Artists Resale Rights.

November 2013 SAU attended Engage Conference.

November 2013 SAU attended Artworks Conference in Dundee.

October 2013 SAU became an affiliate member of SCAN.

August 2013 SAU membership reaches 1000.

September 2013 SAU attended CPG on Culture at the Scottish Parliament.

July 2013 Second Annual Survey of Membership.

June 2013 The SAU Exec stood in protest against the treatment of the peaceful citizens of Turkey in solidarity with Exec member Deniz Uster, who is currently there.

June 2013 Letter to Creative Scotland re Workshop Rates of Pay, in collaboration with Musicians Union, Equity and the Scottish Book Trust of Great Britain.

May – Sept 2013 Roadshows in collaboration with Applied Arts Scotland, in Glasgow, Hawick, Dumfries, Fife and Inverness.

May 2013 Memorandum of Understanding with Applied Arts Scotland completed and ratified.

May 2013 SAU invited and attended initial meeting at Scottish Parliament for establishment of CPG for culture and the arts.

Feb 2013 Press releases opposing cuts in Local Authority Arts Budgets.

Nov 2012 SAU attended European Council of Artists AGM in Lithuania. SAU motion re Artists Exhibition Payment Rights adopted by ECA Council.

Oct 2012 SAU initiates petition raising critical issues regarding artists conditions with Creative Scotland. – over 500 artists sign.

Sept 2012 SAU supports facilitation of W.A.G.E. event, Glasgow.

August 2012 Lorraine Simpson contracted by SAU to research the effects on artists of changes in the Law regarding Publlic Entertainment Licenses. Report published in September 2012.

July 2012 First Annual SAU survey of membership.

May 2012 Membership exceeds 900.

2012 SAU worked with Creative Scotland facilitating and informing the Visual Arts & Crafts Reviews.

2012 Memorandum of Understanding with the AIR Council was completed and ratified. SAU Attended AIR/a-n Conference in Colchester.

2012 SAU agrees to work in collaboration with Applied Arts Scotland, and to take part in and support a series of roadshow events across Scotland.

2011 SAU were invited speakers at 'Arts and Labour' Mash Up Event, Glasgow, and Market Gallery 'Art & Labour', Forum at CCA Glasgow.

2011 SAU became Scottish Representative for the European Council of Artists, and attended their AGM in Madrid.

May 2011 SAU, in collaboration with the Cultural Enterprise Office, hosted 'Grasping Contracts' a seminar in partnership with Glasgow Sculpture Studios and Philip Hannay, CEO's Legal Advisor.

April 2011 SAU organised and hosted a Hustings event for the membership, before the may elections, at the Lighthouse in Glasgow. Speakers from 5 political parties were invited to speak.

March 2011 Membership exceeds 800.

August 2010 - SAU recognised as a potential member organisation by the Executive Committee of the European Council of Artists.

May 2010- first SAU office opens in Glasgow.

March 2010- membership exceeds 700.

May 2009- membership exceeds 600.

April 2009- new Rates of Pay guidance published.

February 2009- meeting with Under-Secretary of State for Scotland.

February 2009- meeting with Minister for Europe, External Affairs & Culture.

December 2008- information stand in Scottish Parliament.

August 2008- formal submission to Calman Commission on Scottish Devolution.

February 2008- formal response to Protection of Vulnerable Groups Act Secondary Legislation, Vetting & Barring Scheme submitted.

October 2007- membership exceeds 500.

April 2007- new website launched.

March 2007- formal response to the Draft Culture (Scotland) Bill submitted.

January 2007- SAU only artists' organisation asked to attend and open Parliamentary debate on Draft Culture (Scotland) Bill (Chris Ballance, Green Party).

October 2006- membership exceeds 300.

September 2006- Contracts & Resale Rights conference.

April 2006- Public Liability Insurance Benefit announced.

January 2006- Parliamentary Questions raised regarding payments to artists (Donald Gorrie, Lib.Dems).

August 2005- formal response to the Cultural Commission Report submitted.

July 2005- "Where is the artist now?" debate.

April 2005- Artists, Galleries & Money conference.

November 2004- Parliamentary Question raised regarding support for Artists' International Activity (Donald Gorrie, Lib.Dems).

November 2004- Parliamentary Question raised regarding Artists' rates of Pay (Donald Gorrie, Lib.Dems).

March 2004- launch of direct political lobbying programme.

July 2003- website launched.

March 2003- nationwide roadshow launched.

November 2002- Rates of Pay endorsed by the Scottish Arts Council.

May 2002- First Recommended Rates of Pay document launched.

May 2001- SAU formally constituted.

April 2000- preliminary conference launches idea of Scottish Artists Union.